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This company doesn't pay now
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19 th Jun 2009
THEY ARE SCAM SITE. STAY AWAY and check google for bad reports!

CreditBurner is new generation of PTP network (paid to promote). CreditBurner offers for its publishers huge amount of promoting ad types and ad formats (banners, links ads, treasure ads, treasure keys ads, interstitial ads, context ads, popunder ads, HVT ads ). Experienced webmasters knows what we talk about here. Publishers from all countries are welcome to join the network.

CreditBurner also has Gifts and bonuses feature. IF you are active than you might randomly get a Gift and if you are sending more traffic from certain countries you will get also financial bonus.

Payments are issued bi-monthly (2x per month), with minimum payout $2.50 to support payment processors (payment fee). Payments are sent via paypal. As a sign-up bonus you get $0.35 USD.


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